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Sunday, 1 July 2018

exactly 24 years ago..

so, yeah. today, exactly 24 years ago my mother gave birth to me. I'm the youngest, so I barely missed the celebration for my birthday.

but this time it is different. my mom is so excited. she even built the 'birthday cake' for me by herself. well, yeah. she staked the kueh lapis from Hari Raya left over and turn in into a so called 'birthday cake' :)

all praises for Him, Who makes today so meaningful.

and yeah, we have a morning walk in Tanjung Batu with armando this morning. Syukri and Syukor is so excited. and recently, Syukor just found out why his name is Syukor Muzaffar. can you guess??

the most unique 24th birthday celebration. a staked kek lapis, cokes and ayam gorengs..

Saturday, 27 January 2018


Sekarang baru dapat kerja. Lepas grade, sakit, down, molah bisnes. Sekarang baru bekerja.

Kerja sebab terpaksa. Sekda orang lain gik nak tolong jadi cikgu di sekolah ya. Nang sik ikhlas. Curse myself. I hate myself for this. I hate people around me. I hate this life for putting me at this place..

I always thought I'm going 'to die' soon doing this job. jadi cikgu is so stressful. And hyperactive 'kids' in class is a chaos. Again, I hate this life...

It's been 4 weeks now. Everything seems fine. The stress was there, but no depress. I feel calmer now. The sik ikhlas feeling slowly fades away.

All this while, thinking about hating myself and this life adalah tanda-tanda orang sik bersyukur. Dan orang yang sik bersyukur, nya sikkan bahagia.

Alhamdulillah is all I can say. Its not enough la. Im trying to pay all the luxury He gave to me, by helping to teach those future leader (the students) even though rasa sik ikhlas. Kita sik tauk nak bila kita ikhlas? Ne tauk tengah kita mok ikhlaskan hati ya, nok ya lah Allah terima sebagai keikhlasan.

Boh pike gilak bah. Just do it. If thinking about the future make you depress Ika. Just do not think about it at all. Just do anything good right now. Others may can plan and feel passionate about their goal. But you are not that type. Chill and be like Jack and Finn Harries and their friends. Inspiring young volunteers..

** this is a letter to myself. So..

Thursday, 9 March 2017

Long lost friend..

this will be a quick post.

it took so long loong for me to write again. i miss the time when i have plenty of time to write, and a plenty of idea to share. life is now getting more serious. I hate that. Eventhough I've already graduated, and now have my own small bussiness, I'm still struggling with my life, But today I'm feeling grafeful that God gives me a chance to write a little.

so yeah. when i was about 5 or 6 years old. My family has a restaurant somewhere here in the old town. It feels so at peace at that time. it was around 1999 or 2000. So, many people came over there to have a taste of our family's legendary Mee Jawa and Satay. We also opened at night.

I remember, there was a mother and a son that is same age as me. They always came to the restaurant and when he came, he used to play with me. The only thing that i remembered of him is that, His name is Kinkin. Cute right? I dont quite remember how he looks like but i have a vision that he looks like Liam Aiken who is an actor of Lemony Snicket movie. You know, the one who is so smart that he build a sail boat in the movie?

yeah, i've been wondering where is he now? Maybe he is not even Sarawakian or Malaysian. I really hope i can meet him in the future. Aaameen.

Thursday, 16 February 2017


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Sunday, 2 October 2016

Handmade Product

It's been a while. All praises to God. I'm recovered from the eye problem. And now I'm running a handmade-product bussiness and I'm so grateful for it..

Thursday, 21 April 2016

Mata Sakit

I have a health issue these days. I just got home after my graduation  a month ago, and done part-time job 3 days after it. But my eyes got really tired  after working for a week in the boutique. Maybe it was the air-cond that made my eyes so dry.

And, after a few days, I went to a new work place which is a boutique too. Well, my current job is not sales assistant for the boutique but since I have no task for the travel company yet, so i just placed at the boutique that is owned by my boss's wife. After 2 weeks there, my eyes got worsen, it starts to hurt when I look into the laptop and the phone so much. I  got really depressed because i have to rest my eyes, sometime, for a long hour after i got home from work. I just can't switch on the lamp in my room because the light hurts my eyes so much. So, I went to the government clinic two times, and the last time I got there, the doctor gave me an antibiotic for the so-called-sinus-problem.

And you know what, that night, my body feels like it wanted to explode. Unfortunately, my body is allergic to the antibiotic. So, my family sent me to the hospital at twelve at night and I got injected and has been added two bottles of sodium chloride into my blood. And now, I'm still at home. Just helping my family to run the kueh, mee jawa and satay bussiness as my eyes are not recovered yet.

I'm frustrated of what had happen to me. Astaghfirullah. but you know what. My friend said, it's okay Ika. Allah just wanna give a lil bit of time for you to chill after your graduation :)


Really love the moment. I miss them both so much

Sunday, 17 January 2016

Rugi dalam berniaga

Bila tengah buat skripsi (tesis) ni, rasa berat sangat. Rasa stress pun ada, tapi tak la sangat. Sebab yang 'sangat' tu risau saja. Asyik risau je tak sempat nak siapkan skripsi untuk konvo bulan Mac ni.

Bila kita memilih untuk berjuang ni, umpama kita berniaga. Kita berniaga memanglah sebab kita nak untung. Namun, kita juga memilih untuk mengambil risiko. Risikonya adalah, bila kita berniaga, kita juga boleh rugi. Tapi kita tetap juga kena berniaga supaya kita dapat untung untuk menampung keperluan harian kita.

Macam tulah perjuangan. Kita memilih berjuang untuk hidup yang lebih baik, kita boleh untung (dapat apa yang kita nak) dan kita boleh juga rugi (menemui kegagalan). Jika ditakdirkan kita rugi, itu bukanlah petanda kita akan rugi selamanya. Kita kena terus berniaga lagi dengan cara yang lebih baik, dan belajar dari kesilapan. Dalam berjuang, kita kena anggap diri kita macam bussiness man. Kalau kita 'rugi' dan terus berhenti untuk 'berniaga', our life wouldn't get better. We have to take the risk again and again.

well actually, i wrote this to motivate myself :)