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Sunday, 25 October 2015

Finally- WIFI

Right now, I'm in my 7th semester in Islamic Law in Bussiness. It's kinda cool actually. So, it means that I'm in my fourth year here in Indonesia.

So, for this semester, I only got 3 classes a week. And, you know what? I feel miserable because of that. Because my life-routine circle is disturbed. Yeah. I'm feeling soooo unproductive. As I'm not always outdoors, I'm feeling a bit weak and not energetic as always. And, I'm feeling like a useless person because my life is wasted most on the Instagram and Facebook. LOL

Then, about two weeks ago, I just subscribed wifi for myself in our home. So whoever wants to use it must pay me RP 500 for 2 hours. How cheap is that? I've been waiting to subscribe to wifi since the first semester when I was living with the seniors. But I just don't know how to get it and don't know which mobile network is the best for the area. Thanks God I got it now, and I'm feeling aliveeeeee...

It's been long that I haven't wrote anything in English this long. And it feels awesome to be able to write again with the fast network. Yay!

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