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Wednesday, 28 October 2015

People's Opinion

Young people nowdays just don't care about everybody else. All they care is about themselves. It isn't a surprise that no one care about us because we never care about others.

They always say things that hurt someone else, but they don't realise they did the same!

They just throw everything on facebook, twitter or wechat like they own this world, like they are the boss, like they have no parents to be shame of with their words. Well, I too have an opinion, but writing em' on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or whatever else is just too mainstream now. People just judge us by our social media account. And I'm afraid of that. So it is safer to throw everything here because my words here will be read by those who just want to read it.

Facebook or twitter just full of negative tweet bout life and I don't want to burden everyone else with my silly thought. LOL. Be matured lah people.

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